You've probably seen things on TV, where one person's face changes into another person's face.  Well, one day I decided that I would get some software capable of creating morphs so that I could make some morphs of my own.  I searched the WWW for morphing software and I found quite a few programs.  The one program that I decided to keep is a shareware program called Winmorph.


Frame 1

Frame 2

Frame 3

I began with this picture of my sister, Svonne when she was a little girl.  I then used the Winmorph software to morph this image into a picture of her when she was 16. After I morphed Frame 1 into Frame 2, I had to perform the procedure once more.  I morphed Frame 2 into Frame 3. This is the last frame in the series.   After I completed both morphs I used another shareware program to fuse the two clips together.  However it is now possible to combine clips with the new version of Winmorph

You need the DivX codec to view this video.