During the autumn of 1996 I had an idea for a drawing.  In the middle of the Shenandoah Valley there is a Mountain called Massanutten.  I wanted my drawing to include Massanutten so one day I had my mom drive me out to the part of the valley where the profile of Massanutten looked the way I imagined it when I originally had the idea for the drawing.  I took a few photos of the mountain from slightly different angles.  Here is the photo I decided to use to draw Massanutten.  In the foreground of the drawing there is an empty cemetery.  The empty cemetery was fabricated by my imagination and was not meant to resemble any existing cemetery. The layout of the drawing and the fact that the cemetery is empty is for YOU to think about.  I began this drawing in November or December 1996 and I finished it on February 14, 1997.