Sunrise is Compiled!

I have finally managed to compile the latest (default) version of Sunrise! I had to tinker with it periodically over the course of a few days, but I finally managed to do it.  The current version of the code in the Mercurial repository has evidently been designed to compile only with Arepo support, but I do not have Arepo and I will not be using Arepo for my project.  It seems that compiling the code without Arepo is planned, but not fully implemented in the current version.  There are several errors that occur when Arepo is absent.  In order to get the code to compile, I had to extensively edit the pre-processor directives.

There may be a cleaner  way of doing this, but this works: First, in the config.h header, I had to uncomment the line:


Then, I wrapped each block of code containing the word “arepo” in


blah blah arepo blah


Some (but not enough) pieces of code were already wrapped in this way. In at least two source files, it was done incorrectly ( and Once I had properly prevented all Arepo-specific code from being compiled, the compilation was successful.  I now have the three executables sfrhist, mcrx, and broadband.  I haven’t tried running the exucutables yet—except for the very simple test of seeing whether they ask for input files.  I also haven’t attempted to compile with CUDA support, but both of these tasks should be completed soon and I’ll find out if there are any run-time errors in this version…fun!

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