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Pretty Parametric Plots

Pretty Parametric Plots creates parametric plots of the form,

where the parameter, t, varies from ti to tf.

Simply adjust the values of the quantities on the right side of the page, then press the Enter key or click the "Draw Plot" button to see the result. Pressing the F11 key on your keyboard will allow you view the web page in full-screen mode.

By default, the x and y equations use the same constants (amplitudes, angular frequencies, and phase angles, etc.). This tends to produce plots that are symmetric. If you wish to create more complicated plots, simply type a semicolon ";" after the value in the input box and and then enter a second value. The first value in the input box indicates the constant used in the x-equation, the value after the semicolon specifies the constant used by the y-equation as a multiple of the x-value. For example, 2.1;3.0 would indicate that the x-value is 2.1 and the y-value is 6.3 because 2.1 x 3 = 6.3.

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