List Comprehensions

I find myself using list comprehensions in Python a lot lately. Here’s a nifty example that combines a ternary operation and a list comprehension:
resultArray = [i if (i > 0.01) else 0 for i in inputArray if i >= 0]
English translation: Create an output array that stores all of the non-negative values of the input array. If an input value is less than or equal to 0.01, set it to zero.

Explanation: Reading this starting in the middle, it says “For every entry, i, in input_array, first test whether the entry is greater than or equal to zero. If and only if the entry, i, passes the test, continue with statement in the first part of the bracket; set i to zero if it is smaller than 0.01, otherwize leave it unchanged.”

The equivalent code in C++03 would be considerably more involved. To make it look simple, a programmer would have to do some extra work in advance, or add an extra dependency by using a feature from Boost or another library. In C++11, obtaining the same result is pretty simple because of the range-based for loop feature. If we assume the output array has already been created then the equivalent code in a single, condensed line of C++11 is:
for (auto& i : inputArray) { if (i >= 0) resultArray.push_back((i > 0.01) ? i : 0); }
This isn’t too bad. Of course, it’s still not quite as elegant as the Python syntax.

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