GSnap Improvements

I have been working on two things lately: 1) Setting up the final set of simulations that will be used for the remainder of my thesis project. 2) Making Improvements to GSnap.  This post deals with GSnap…

  • Many small fixes and improvements have been made, notably:
    • The GADGET-3, type 1 snapshot format is now supported.
    • GADGET-3 files can be converted to the GADGET-2 format.
    • The distance between black holes can be reported.
    • The “make install” target has been set up; on Unix systems, GSnap can now be easily installed at the system level.
  • I began using the Zim wiki software to create online help pages.
    •  The interlinked Zim notes can be exported to create an HTML website.
    • A new help browser window (a QtWebkit browser) is integrated into the GSnap GUI, so that users have easy access to the HTML help.
    • A large subset of MathJax is now included with GSnap; the LaTeX syntax in the help is typeset using MathJax rather than TeX/LaTeX.
  • The GSnap web presence is beginning to take shape…
    • The main GSnap website contains:
      • the help pages 
      • a link to the issue tracker / reporter on Bitbucket.
      • a link to the GSnap development Wiki on Bitbucket.
    • The webpage will contain:
      • screenshots.
      • sample renderings.
      • sample videos (animations).
      • sample snapshots.
      • the code’s Doxygen documentation.
      • A download link.
In addition to all of that, I just finished implementing an improved version of the volume rendering scheme. The renderer now properly handless regions of low particle density. Examples follow. The last two images illustrate the difference between orthographic projection using particles and perspective projection using volume rendering. Notice how sparsely the particles are distributed in the “bridge” between the two galaxies. The improved volume renderer smooths these particles quite nicely.

 Note: the images may appear bright and jagged in some versions of Firefox.

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