If you want to accomplish anything, you have to aim high, so here are some of my goals.

Personal Life / Family

  • Raise a family. (started)
  • Own a home. I’d like to eventually help design my own home.  I’d like for the house to be completely self-sustaining in terms of heating, cooling, and electricity. I also want to have a nice, large Japanese-style ornamental garden with two or more water gardens, a stream, waterfall, and many miniature trees (like bonsai, but not necessarily in pots).

Health & Fitness

  • Continue exercising and reach my optimal fitness level
  • Live to be at least 130.  This has been my goal since I was about 14.  It’s not as far-fetched as it may sound if you consider the advances that will likely be made in the next few decades.

Academic & Professional

  • Get a job that allows me to continue learning while living comfortably.
  • Get more experience with machine learning / statistics / data mining / artificial intelligence.
  • Study differential geometry in more depth; practice until I master the subject.
  • Learn more about computational general relativity.
  • Study quantum field theory in more depth.
  • Publish more research papers.
  • Make GSnap into a respected open source project.
  • Make a significant contribution to science in the form of a discovery or the development of a new theory, algorithm, useful technique, or software application.
  • Write several books.
  • Earn my own entry in Wikipedia—rather than creating one for myself, as some people do.


  • See a total solar eclipse (most likely this one: Solar eclipse of August 21, 2017)
  • Become licensed to fly a plane.
  • Visit every continent on Earth.
  • Travel beyond Earth’s atmosphere.


  • I hope to live to see the day when humans finally begin to move beyond the archaic, counter-productive, money-based economy.